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Patio  Enclosures

Patio Enclosures
The RemodelMe Way

At RemodelMe, we have extensive experience designing and installing custom patio enclosures or factory manufactured structures. Our skilled team members will be happy to answer any of your questions, and we’ll work to ensure the success of each project, handling all the details from start-to-finish.

Patio enclosures come in many different styles and they can be the perfect solution for adding more space to your home while incorporating the outdoors. There are different types of patio enclosures available for every budget and style requirement, including three-season rooms, four-season rooms, screen rooms, and traditional sunrooms. We have experience installing virtually every kind of patio and we will be happy to work with you.

Can my patio enclosure be energy-efficient?

At first glance, four-season rooms and three-season rooms can look like they would use significantly more energy than highly enclosed patios. The truth is, patio enclosures CAN be energy efficient with the right materials! For example, at RemodelMe we use premium structurally-reinforced and thermally-engineered building materials to ensure contained energy costs and durability of your new patio.

Additionally, if your patio enclosure doesn’t feature a skylight, some can even be equipped with passive solar building design, which helps provide the energy required to heat them.

Patio Enclosure Ideas & Options

Sunrooms & Solariums

Screen Rooms

Three Season Rooms

Four Season Rooms

Did you know that the terms ‘sunroom’ and ‘solarium’ are often used interchangeably? Although they have quite a few similarities, most patio contractors will tell you that there are some subtle differences. To determine whether you’re looking at a sunroom or solarium, evaluate the way the structure is constructed.  

Typically, solariums feature floor-to-ceiling glass walls and they are designed to fill the room with natural light. On the other hand, sunrooms also filled with light but they are also traditionally framed in order to blend more seamlessly into the home. Sunrooms look more like standard room additions, while solariums usually have minimal framing to maximize the available sunlight. 

Screen rooms are a fantastic, budget-friendly home addition that creates new indoor-outdoor space. Using premium screening materials, you can enjoy natural sunlight, airflow, and unobstructed views of your property. What’s more, there are nearly limitless framing, finishing, and roofing options to choose from. 

As the name suggests, three-season rooms are designed to maximize your enjoyment of the outdoors from spring to fall. Although we enjoy relatively mild weather in Los Angeles, patio contractors design three-season rooms to include important weather protection features. From unexpected rain showers to high winds, your three-season room is designed to protect you and keep you outdoors.

If you’re planning to enjoy your patio enclosure all-year-round, you may want to consider a four-season room. Unlike their three-season counterparts, four-season rooms have extra features like thermal breaks and insulated glass which allow you to relax comfortably, regardless of the weather. Four season rooms have many benefits, but they are often highly customized for different homeowners. This can make them more expensive than simpler, standardized sunrooms.

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Ask a RemodelMe Patio Enclosure Contractor: The FAQ's

Installing a patio enclosure is a great choice for families that want to spend more time enjoying the outdoors. Patios are the perfect place to enjoy nature views and spend time with family and friends (while avoiding bugs and other pests). They’re also a great option for homeowners with pets or young children, who often want to be outside but may not be old enough to safely play in wide-open spaces.


Patio enclosures of all types will increase the overall square footage of your home, which ultimately raises your property resale value. (Plus, our skilled RemodelMe patio contractors can design a structure that improves curb appeal as well!) Patios also cost less than many room additions, so it can add more usable space to the flow of your home while helping you to save on construction costs. 

As you might imagine, customization is the best way to ensure that the design and function of your patio blends seamlessly with the main structure of your home. It’s also a great option for homeowners that may have limited building space or those who require an uncommonly shaped patio. The main disadvantage of customization is that it increases the cost of your addition. Although you’ll have more control over the individual elements of your patio, it may not be worth the money if you can find a manufactured option that suits your needs. 

Manufactured patios run the gamut in terms of quality.  If you’re buying online, this also introduces another element of uncertainty, because you may not have the chance to evaluate the structure in person before the purchase becomes nonrefundable. Nevertheless, it’s hard to ignore the lower price tag! If you do find your perfect match, that’s great! Just remember to calculate the installation costs into your final price assessment. Our expert patio contractors will be happy to give you an installation estimate once you’ve selected the patio that interests you. 

When you’re ready to gather quotes, take some time to prepare materials in advance. For example, you could make a list of all the ways that you want to use your patio enclosure, including any events you might like to host there. You could also create a wishlist of features that would improve the functionality of your home. Popular requests include masonry fireplaces, outdoor theaters, retractable roof systems, and incorporated water features. Your list will be a great starting point during your conversation with a RemodelMe patio enclosure contractor.

How to Choose a Patio Contractor

Selecting a patio contractor (or patio installation service)  is a big decision! The work we’ll perform has the potential to impact your home for decades to come, so it’s natural that you’ll want to ensure you’re working with qualified professionals. 

At RemodelMe, we think it’s important that you feel comfortable – not only with the end result of our work, but also throughout the remodeling process. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Additionally, we can provide all of the following credentials upon request, allowing you to start your remodeling project with trust!

Local references and testimonials

Proof of Business License

Proof of CSLB licensure

Proof of workers compensation & liability insurance

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