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Driveway  Installation

Driveway Installation
The RemodelMe Way

Searching for the right driveway contractor in Los Angeles? Well congratulations, you’ve come the right place!

We have over a decade of expertise in delivering driveways that give your property the ‘Wow!’ factor. Our highly-skilled team members will be able to answer any of your questions and will work tirelessly to ensure the success of each project.

Top Driveway Design Trends for 2020

For homeowners in Los Angeles, first impressions count. Having an immaculately-presented driveway can set the tone for the rest of your home. From cobblestoned driveways, to those that include hardscaped features such as water fountains or handrails, your driveway choices should reflect the needs of your family.

Considerations for Driveway Designs

There is a plethora of options when it comes to redesigning your driveway. You may opt to extend it to allow for extra cars, or alternatively you may opt to go from a functional poured concrete surface to a more decorative bricked driveway. When planning a new driveway, it helps to break in project down into smaller considerations, some of which are listed below.

Driveway Size

Hardscaping Features

Paving Materials

Landscaped Features

Some homeowners are blessed with longer, more secluded driveways. Others have wider and more practical set ups. Depending on your current situation, you will have to make a decision about what the overall goal of your drive is. Can you be more creative and create and extra parking space? Or do you want to make the driveway narrower to allow for a bigger garden space?

Depending on the size and space available to you, it’s possible that you may want to add some hardscaped features that may increase curb appeal or functionality. For instance, would a mini turning circle help with the multiple cars you and your children bring home each night? What about a design piece that acts as a focal point such as a water feature or sculpture? Alternatively, you could decide to add mobility aids (such as handrails) for steeper driveways or paths up to your front door for increased functionality.

The choice of driveway material is often down to personal preference for Los Angeles homeowners. Whether you go for paved, asphalt or gravel, your choice is going to center around preferences in the required level of maintenance, costs and durability. The choice of material is also going to have a direct impact on the look and feel of your home. For instance, intricately-laid cobblestones can make a home prettier, whereas poured concrete offers increased durability and reduced maintenance.
Softer features also give homeowners the chance to beautify the road-facing aspects of their home, increasing curb appeal (and therefore value) for comparatively little cost. Whether you decide to line your driveway with colorful planters, or you invest in the privacy afforded by a tree-lined drive to your front door, landscaping improvements can often deliver changes that present fantastic value for your money.

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Ask a RemodelMe Driveway Contractor: The FAQ's

An excellent question! As with all home improvement projects, the final cost will be heavily influenced by several key factors. One of the biggest of those will be your choice of materials. Poured concrete and asphalt, whilst less pretty to look at, deliver cost-effective functional driveways, whereas paved and bricked driveways will cost more to both install and maintain.

Obviously, the bigger the area your driveway covers, the more expensive the project is likely to be. Location will also play its part, with new driveways in Los Angeles likely to cost less than those replaced in Beverly Hills for example.

Your existing driveway layout will provide a framework for you to work with. Then it’s up to you to reimagine your property’s frontage. Do you wish to widen or expand your driveway to cater for more vehicles for when you host visitors? Or do you wish to reduce the surface area of your drive so that you can increase the greenery surrounding your home? Another good place to start is by making a list of what you think your current driveway isn’t providing you before thinking of ways to remedy the situation.

Driveway projects vary quite widely in their timescales. This is mainly attributed to the different properties of each available material. For instance, once asphalt is laid it can set in a matter of several minutes, making installations possible within a day. However, paving stones and brickwork can take a lot longer to pull together, particularly if you are simultaneously adding hardscaped and landscaped features to your driveway. The summer months offer a better time to undertake these types of projects as many materials are easier to install in warmer conditions.

How to Choose a Driveway Contractor

Selecting a driveway contractor is a big decision! The work they’ll perform has the potential to impact your home for decades to come, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re working with qualified professionals.

At RemodelMe, we think it’s important that you feel comfortable – not only with the end result of our work, but also throughout the remodeling process. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Additionally, we can provide all of the following credentials upon request, allowing you to start your remodeling project with trust!

Local references and testimonials

Proof of Business License

Proof of CSLB licensure

Proof of workers compensation & liability insurance

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