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Kitchen  Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling
The RemodelMe Way

Decided it’s time to remodel your kitchen? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you are looking to completely start over, or you want to undertake subtle changes to make your kitchen more of a focal point, we are here to help. Since kitchens are such an integral feature of any household, the choices you make are likely to leave a lasting impact on the resale value of your home. That’s why we stay on top of the latest trends to help you make informed choices for your project!

What style is best for my kitchen remodel?

For homeowners in Los Angeles, there’s an increasing trend towards sustainable living. Recycled materials, eco-friendly appliances, and LED lighting are leading the way for homeowners who want to reduce the impact they are having on the environment. Our design consultants can help you create a space that you’ll love, all while helping the environment and increasing the value of your home.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas & Design Options

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, there are plenty of decisions that you are going to have to make – it’s the heart of the household after all! As we begin planning, one of the best ways to frame your project is to break it down into component parts. We’ve performed many kitchen renovations in Los Angeles, and we’re eager to share our hard-won knowledge with you. Below, you’ll see that we’ve put together the main categories to help you get started. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss the specifics of your project!

Windows & Lighting




Natural light from your windows can play a pivotal role in the feel of your new kitchen. By adding more windows to your kitchen space, you can make it feel bigger and brighter than it actually is. As you incorporate them into your design, be sure to consider the kind of views that are available from different angles. You can instantly elevate your kitchen renovation by framing a gorgeous landscape. Not only that, but windows also afford the opportunity to include some nice stylistic touches such as window seats.

Whilst flooring is an important design element of any room, it takes on even more significance in the kitchen. Will you choose a dark shade for an unexpected, contrasting pop of color, or will you select a classic hardwood that places your cabinets and appliances at center stage? As one of the most used rooms in your home, your material choice must be functional as well as eye-catching. Whether you opt for laminate, vinyl, or hardwood, each material has its own advantages and disadvantages that you’ll need to carefully consider.

Cabinets will set the visual tone for your reinvented kitchen. From futuristic composite materials in bold colors to classic designs with reclaimed wood, you’ll need to choose cabinets that fill in nicely with your overall design theme. Don’t forget about durability either, as you’ll need those cabinet doors to stand the test of time. If you have unique storage needs or a non-standard kitchen layout, you might also consider custom cabinets for your kitchen renovation.

Your choice of countertop can really make a redesigned kitchen pop. Sparkling quartz can reflect kitchen lights to literally make your kitchen “dazzle”, or understated wooden countertops can give your space more of a homely feel. Whatever you decide, you want to pick a material that’s both durable and likely to remain a popular choice for years to come. After all, there’s nothing worse than completing a kitchen remodel, only to discover that trends have already changed.

Ask a RemodelMe Kitchen Remodel Contractor: The FAQs

This is the question on every Los Angeles homeowners’ lips! As with any remodel, your final cost will be determined by a variety of factors such as material choices and whether you choose to hire an interior designer or not. Geography plays its part too. For instance, a kitchen remodel in Los Angeles is likely to be less expensive than one undertaken in Beverley Hills. At RemodelMe, we’ll work with you to establish a budget that you’re comfortable with.

Other factors that contribute to the overall cost include the size of the space being renovated and whether your planned works require any new wiring or plumbing. Custom product purchases can also have a significant impact on the budget. Will you choose standard, manufactured cabinets or order custom cabinetry from a local artisan specializing in Los Angeles kitchen renovation? Each of these choices will influence your final budget.

All great kitchens start with an idea, and the first step is choosing a design that works well for your particular needs. For those with young children, open-concept kitchen renovations are very popular because they offer increased visibility while cooking. On the other hand, if you are either a young professional or a parent whose kids have left home, you may want to transform your layout into a perfect blend for cooking and entertaining. If you get stuck, you can simply make a list of the ways you use your kitchen and note how your current set up can be improved to better serve those needs.

Since kitchens are so integral to everyone’s daily routine, you may be worried about how long you would have to go without space to properly prepare meals. Whilst every project is different in nature, most of our average-sized projects take 5 to 7 weeks. However smaller renovations can be completed in a shorter timeframe. Generally speaking, the bigger your space is, the longer a remodel will take.

Choosing Your Kitchen Contractor

Selecting a kitchen remodel contractor is a big decision! The work they’ll perform has the potential to impact your home for decades to come, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re working with qualified professionals.

At RemodelMe, we think it’s important that you feel comfortable – not only with the end result of our work but also throughout the remodeling process. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Lastly, we can provide all of the following credentials upon request, allowing you to start your remodeling project with trust!

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